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Just from the beginning of thinking first about applying optical inspection systems via test measurements up to the realization of concrete projects you can always get in contact with us to tell us your wishes and requests.

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First pilot project "InDie Metrology" in a stamping company of Hongfa Group in P.R. China



The Hongfa Group is the biggest manufacturer of relays in P.R. China and belongs to the group of the biggest relay specialists worldwide. Xiamen Jinyue Electric is a member of the Hongfa Group and stamps electrical contacts in the coastal city Xiamen in the Southeast of China. After getting in touch in 2016 and common technical workshops about vision systems in stamping the first contract of the pilot project "InDie measurement" was closed at the end of 2016. In close cooperation with Hongfa OTTO developed an customer-specific camera solution within a couple of weeks on the basis of the approved Indie vision systems. Declared common goal was to cover a broad range of products with a flexible and user-friendly inspection solution. The Indie vision system is thereby a key component in the further development of the stamping processes at Hongfa. The process development team has been increasing continuously the output of the stamping lines. To reach a further step of innovation in quality assurance was therefore absolutely essential. Already in April this year the installation of the InDie solution and the training of the Hongfa team could be conducted successfully in less than 2 weeks.

Xiamen Jinyue Electric manufactures a broad variety of loose falling stamped parts which have to be controlled in terms of a sample inspection permanently. Using the OTTO system the stamping department has now the ability to realize a 100% inspection of relevant dimensions inside the pilot stamping line even when the number of strokes will be increased. The image capturing takes place within a small time frame directly in front of the throw-off. The image capturing is triggerd by the cam signal of the press and therefore independent from strokes which results in an always optimal timing. The stamping line enables to sort bad parts at all speed without stopping the press. Only parts which are controlled by 100% are postprocessed. Because of the permanent monitoring of the process interventions in the stamping process as well as adaptions and maintenance tasks on the follow-on composite tool can be done more efficeint. The stamping process will be improved and the ouput will be increased permanently. Because of the flexible layout of the InDie solution camera based part inspection can be also used for existing tools adapted by less modifications. Regarding new tools demands of the integrated vision system are further considered already in the design process. After the successful introduction of the pilot manufacturing line it is planned to intensify the cooperation between Hongfa and OTTO and to roll-out solution for other locations.

We thank very much to the Hongfa team for the fruitful and constructive project work and looking forward to the next application tasks  in 2017 an 2018. Our sincere thanks goes also to our partner Bruderer Machinery in Suzhou, especially for the organization of the workshops and the support of the customer locally.


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