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Just from the beginning of thinking first about applying optical inspection systems via test measurements up to the realization of concrete projects you can always get in contact with us to tell us your wishes and requests.

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2nd industry convention plastics in Lüdenscheid, Germany



On 18th of May 2017 the 2nd industry convention of plastics material  took place in the Plastics-Institute (KIMW GmbH) in Lüdenscheid, Germany. For the industry convention more than 500 guests from all areas of various plastics-processing industries were invited. At more than 4.300m² exhibition space more than 110 exhibiting companies demonstrated the latest technology trends in injection die moulding. The company OTTO as relatively new member of the Plastics-Institute was also present as manufacturer of test and inspection systems based on digital image processing showing the  automated optical 3D measuring system FLEX-3A. The area scanning measurement principle of the FLEX-3A is especially suitable for the comprehensive evaluation and dimensioning of injection die moulded plastic parts. Fields of application are therefore the analysis and inspection of first articles, the re-qualification of serial parts as well as the sample inspection in production.

Typical global effects of the injection die moulding process like shrinkage, warping, distorsion or sink marks can be visualized easy-to-understand and at the first glance. The direct comparison of scan data versus CAD reference models does not only reduce the inspection effort but also ease the communication with suppliers and customers as well as the communication with the internal or external tool making department.


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