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Just from the beginning of thinking first about applying optical inspection systems via test measurements up to the realization of concrete projects you can always get in contact with us to tell us your wishes and requests.

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Office south (zip area 6, 7, 86-89)
OTTO Vision Technology GmbH
Mr Ekkehard Fluck
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fax: +49-(0)3641-671515
e-mail: e.fluck@otto-jena.de

S+L Electronic Italiana s.r.l.
Via Motta, 57/59
I-20069 Vaprio d'Adda - Mi
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Czech Republic
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Czech Republic
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e-mail: konturatools@konturatools.cz
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1200 Hendricks Causeway
Ridgefield, New Jersey 07657
fon: +1 201 941 2121
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e-mail: info@brudereramericas.com
web: www.brudereramericas.com

P.R. China
No. 485 Suhong Middle Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
Jiangsu Province, P.R. China 21502
fon: +86 512 6258 8292
fax: +86 512 6258 8293
e-mail: info.cn@bruderer.com
web: http://www.bruderer.com/unternehmen/kontakt/bruderer-machinery-suzhou/


Patterer GmbH relies on optical 3D digitalizing of punched and plastic parts


The company Patterer GmbH with its head office in Rieden at the Forggensee is a manufacturer of high precision punched parts, contact elements, composite and mounting components. The complete equipment and tools (especially high performance stamping tools) required for production are design by themselves. For the 3D measurement of first articles and serial parts, OTTO implemented the optical 3D measuring system FLEX-3A/M. With this system a detailed deviation analysis to CAD models and complex 3D evaluations can be carried out. The optical 3D measurement system for Patterer was delivered with vibration insulated table, three different measuring field sizes, a third motorized axis for the automated horizontal rotation of the measuring part as well as the 3D inspection software Geomagic CONTROL X. According to the statement of the managing director Markus Egger for Patterer the advantages of the optical
3D measurement are especially the possibilities of the complex visualization of the single and composite parts as well as their 3D deviations in relation to CAD data or reference
parts. Furthermore complex 3D geometry measurements and the determination of geometric tolerances are possible. A typical application is also the analysis of hybrid parts during
part development, sampling, requalification and random inspection in serial production. The possibilities of a reproducible alignment, the integrated evaluation of the sample part and the easy-to-understand presentation of diverging regions, dimensions or tolerances make it easier and faster to analyse defects.  Currently the measuring field sizes 20x15 mm², 45x34 mm², and 100x75 mm² are applied. Beside bigger plastic respectively connector parts, it is also  possible to inspect small areas of dies, moulds and even complex punched parts. The FLEX-3A/M is beside others applied for the automated inspection of small punched parts as the IDC contact including a flexible press-fit zone (needle-eye pressfit).



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