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Just from the beginning of thinking first about applying optical inspection systems via test measurements up to the realization of concrete projects you can always get in contact with us to tell us your wishes and requests.

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OTTO Vision Technology GmbH
Im Steinfeld 3
D-07751 Jena
fon: +49-(0)3641-67150
fax: +49-(0)3641-671515
e-mail: info@otto-jena.de

Office south (zip area 6, 7, 86-89)
OTTO Vision Technology GmbH
Mr Ekkehard Fluck
cell: +49-(0)174-3414478
fon: +49-(0)3641-67150
fax: +49-(0)3641-671515
e-mail: e.fluck@otto-jena.de

S+L Electronic Italiana s.r.l.
Via Motta, 57/59
I-20069 Vaprio d'Adda - Mi
fon: +39-(0)2-9094283
fax: +39-(0)2-9095421
e-mail: info@slelectronic.it
web: www.slelectronic.it

Czech Republic
Pod Šternberkem 306
764 03 Zlín – Louky
Czech Republic
fon: +420 577 607 315
fax: +420 577 607 315
e-mail: konturatools@konturatools.cz
web: www.konturatools.cz

1200 Hendricks Causeway
Ridgefield, New Jersey 07657
fon: +1 201 941 2121
fax: +1 201 886 2010
e-mail: info@brudereramericas.com
web: www.brudereramericas.com

P.R. China
No. 485 Suhong Middle Road, Suzhou Industrial Park
Jiangsu Province, P.R. China 21502
fon: +86 512 6258 8292
fax: +86 512 6258 8293
e-mail: info.cn@bruderer.com
web: http://www.bruderer.com/unternehmen/kontakt/bruderer-machinery-suzhou/

Metal other

Compression rings

Inline-Inspektion von Kolbenringen
  • 100% inspection of surface defects of compression rings
  • All-around inspection during part rotation
  • Defect detection with high camera resolution of top und bottom side as well as along the inner and outer shell
  • Part diameter from 30 to 120 mm

Deep-drawn bushings

Inline-Inspektion von Tiefziehhülsen
  • 100% inspection of deep-drawn bushings within a rotary indexing machine
  • Part inspection during rotation about 360°
  • Detection of cracks and surface defects
  • Inspection of approx. 50 parts per min

Turning workpieces

  • Combined inspection of turning workpieces for surface defects and geometrical features
  • Downstream sorting of parts based on test results
  • Automation with clocked cycle rate or continuous run

Mould cores for plastic moulding tools

Formkernvermessung mit 3D-Scanner
  • Inspection of eroded mould cores within incoming goods control
  • 3D scanning with 3D sensor (structured light projection)
  • Automated part handling with reference frame
  • Automated variance analysis to CAD model

Sintered metal parts

Inline-Inspektion von Sinterteilen
  • 100% inspection of sintered metal parts
  • Detection of surface defects
  • Safeguarding purity of variety
  • Througput of approx. 80 parts per min

Zinc die-cast

  • First-sample inspection and prototype scanning of zinc die-cast parts
  • Highly-accurate, automated 3D data scanning
  • Full area digititzing with structured light projection
  • Variance analysis to CAD model
  • Geometrical dimensioning & tolerancing

Hose clamps

  • 100% inspection of metal hose clamps
  • Inspection of geometry from two different perspectives
  • Safeguarding purity of variety
  • Up to 300 parts per min
  • Feeding by storage hopper and oscillating conveyor


  • 100% inspection of screws
  • Multiple camera system
  • Screws are fastened in suspendent position during througput
  • Eddy current crack testing
  • Mechanical testing of inner drive


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